"Wendell is a miracle worker. I am a 78 year old young lady and when I first came to see Wendell I was walking with a cane due to back and knee pain. I no longer use a cane and although arthritis cannot be cured, he has made it bearable. He is now working on my arthritic hands and I cannot express how much relief I am getting ! I would recommend him to everyone. I have friends that I have recommended him to with similar results."
-- Joan Adams, Mascotte, FL.
"Wendell is very professional in his massage. I'm very happy for his job. I can testify he is very, very good. Thanks Mr. Wendell, you have great hands. You are the best! Thank you."
-- M. Saavedra, Orlando, FL.
"Wendell is the best therapist I've had work on me."
-- Brandie Adams, Licensed Massage Therapist
"I woke up Saturday morning to a terrible left shoulder muscle pain that also radiates to my arm. I blame this on bad sleeping position. I'm a side sleeper and most of the time, I wake up with whichever side I slept on, numb or sore. But this is the first time that I had it this bad, I could feel a big knot on my left shoulder, my arm felt sore all the way to my fingers. I waited getting a massage thinking it's gonna go away, but the pain was getting unbearable. I applied Icy Hot Patch to the area overnight but to no relief.
I called Wendell and he gave me a 30 minute deep tissue massage on both my shoulders, back and neck. He was able to get to all the knots and aches that I have. I drank plenty of water and about an hour after the massage, the muscle pain started to dissipate, I was very relaxed. I could feel I was getting back to normal. When I woke up the following day, I was fine, no more aches and pains. I was back to my normal self. I was so thankful he was able to take away my muscle pains . It's like it never happened! Thanks a million Wendell!"
-- Marie Fe Manio Cunanan, Registered OR Nurse
"I have improved from my osteoporosis to now being classified as osteopenia. My doctor said: "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it." I haven't done anything different other than coming to Wendell's Tai Chi classes."
-- Diane Gordon, Clermont, FL.
"The best massage at the best price Wendell is like magic to my aching body. Whether you live in the Orlando area or are just looking to take a break from the parks, this is the best 'value for price paid'. He listens to you and targets the areas you want. Whenever I am in town, I make an appointment for a full massage or even just a foot massage/accupressure treatment. And, you pay for what you get, a good massage treatment...and not the extras. He competes against the new mall massage shops, like 'massage envy'...but there is NO comparison to the personalized treatment he gives you."
-- Annette Roehrbein, Puerto Rico
"Very relaxing! Totally met my expectations."
-- Sherry S., Winter Garden, FL.
"This was the first massage I've had that really felt like I was being treated for the pain in my back. It was really nice. The relief lasted longer than a regular massage. I would recommend anyone to go there."
-- Groupon Customer, March 21, 2012
"Having personally known Wendell for the past 8 years, I feel I am completely qualified as a personal friend and patient of his. Wendell's techniques and professional approach are outstanding. He takes the time and courtesy to ask if you have any areas you would like him to work on. He is very focused and attentive to your personal needs. His intuitive sense is on target varying the pressure from quite strong to minimal stimulation as needed. I find his sessions extremely therapeutic and relaxing.
I have and will continue to recommend Wendell to my friends and family. I can say without a doubt "Wen's" massages are the best I have ever experienced. I HIGHLY recommend him for a massage if you have to deal with everyday stress and need help to enhance relaxation."
-- J. Girona, Orlando, Florida
"I get occasional pain and stiffness on my shoulders and back that had gotten worse in recent weeks. Wendell did some functional assessments which I think not too many massage therapists do. He checked my skeletal alignment for any asymmetry and located any muscle imbalance. He loosened not only my muscles but also my joints with some stretching and I felt like I got a complete therapeutic treatment. If I were an athlete, I felt like I was back in the game! Wendell is thorough and very professional. This guy is good. Whenever I need some fixing, I know who to call."
-- Fe T. Marapao, Celebration, Florida
"Wendell is a very good Chinese Tui Na massage therapist. I am a senior citizen and have lower back spinal problems. I visit Wendell’s clinic for a very good massage just about once a week. I feel very good after the treatment from him and my lower back is almost pain free for a week. Wendell cares for his patients very much. His rate is very reasonable and affordable, therefore I can afford to have a massage just about once a week. Wendell is number 1. If you are looking for a good massage therapist, Wendell is your best choice. I know I have a good one now."
-- Nancy L.Clermont, Florida
"Wendell is very client focused. It is a relaxing, soothing environment. Zero wait time and you are not rushed in and out."
-- Square Customer
"In pain and needed massage asap. He was able to fit me in and feeling better. Very nice and professional."
-- Brooke, Thumbtack Customer
"Wendell is an AWESOME therapist! He takes the time to listen to everything that's going on with you so he can address all of the problems you may be having. He is professional and courteous. You leave feeling GREAT!"
-- Tracie M., Windermere, Florida
"Wendell is competent, professional and a great listener. He massage therapy effectively alleviated my stress. Additionally, the office is clean, bright and cheerful and this is accompanied by soothing music."
-- Flo A., Clermont, Florida
"Wendell is an amazing therapist! He is very professional and knowledgable in his craft. I felt a lot better after having a massage over the weekend. I definitely would recommend his services to anyone experiencing back and neck pain and I will definitely return in the very near future."
-- Suzette G., December 06, 2016
"Thank you so very much, Wendell, for an excellent massage! It was such a unique experience for me. I have had several massages in the past but yours was very special; the infusion work you do is amazing and very therapeutic. I appreciate your compassion and professionalism. I will be a returning client for sure :)"
-- Danielle C., Clermont, FL.
"Called for help because I had a migraine headache that was absolutely debilitating and Wendell Diamal answered the phone and was very gracious and allowed me to come right then and help me. He used a very interesting acupuncture battery operated gizmo that stimulated my pressure points and then a massage to help relax my neck and back. I walked in there with pain around an 8 and I left there feeling like it was reduced to a 1. I still have a slight headache but it's not as bad as it was and I feel like I can get through the day now. I scheduled another one for tomorrow morning to follow up. Thank you Wendell! The office was very clean and the music he played was very relaxing. It was a top-notch experience and I highly recommend him."
-- Luzviminda M., July 20, 2017
"I have been taking Tai Chi lessons from Wendell for nearly 10 years now. Couple that with his integrative therapy - a sort of acupuncture, chiropractic, and therapeutic massage all rolled into one - along with my regular workouts at the National Training Center - and you have a great all round training, therapy, and wellness regimen."
-- Ray S., Clermont, FL
"Wow where do I start, I was so sore after my training session that I was completely stiff and sore and not as mobile as normal, so I went in feeling a wreck and out of wack then I came out feeling wonders!! Body felt recharged and stretched to the max in the best way after the stiffness! I would love this weekly if my schedule allowed! 20/10 would absolutely recommend!!"
-- Alisa Book
"I was staying in town for a few days and was experiencing muscular lower back pain. I came across Massage Therapy Clermont and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. The quality of my sleep improved that evening and my overall experience was positive. Highly recommended."
-- Anthony Rivera
"Wendell was extremely professional. The best massage ever and non-invasive pressure point treatment. I had immediate relief of pain in my neck, that has been bothersome for a long time. Wish I would have met Wendall sooner. I highly recommend anyone who's experiencing pain."
-- L Saeger
"Great massage! Highly knowledgeable and responsive to needs. Good location with convenient scheduling options that work around my personal schedule. Went for second massage tonight to focus on neck and shoulders; hands down best neck and shoulder massage ever."
-- Pamela Dwyer
"Wendell was very attentive to my concerns. He listened carefully and really honed in on the areas that needed attention. I got a lot of relief with just one visit."
-- Patricia Harmon
"I went to this place for some TMJ problems and a bad knee. I felt a lot of relief after each session and would recommend it for pain relief or just a great massage."
-- Ilsa Olsen
"Very professional, I felt so much better after my massage."
-- Daniel Joseph Steele
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